Maintenance Add-ons

I understand how important it is maintain a website, creating backups, monitoring the website to make sure its up and running and on top of all that keeping on top of software updates/plugins. The importance of doing these routine maintenance tasks cannot be stressed enough but i realise clients are often too busy or simply dont have the time.

This is where my website maintenance services can help. You wont be forced into this but for that peace of mind, and a small one-off or monthly fee, you can have me personally update and monitor your site and do what i do best to keep everything running smoothly.

I offer pay-as-you-go packages for clients that just want to update every now and again. For those with more frequent updates i offer a monthly package which takes care of all your maintance needs.

Website maintenance services include:

  • Fixing problems and errors
  • Addition / ammendment of HTML code and images
  • Software Updates (e.g. latest wordpress) and Plugins
  • Regular backups stored on a separate server
  • Website Monitoring
  • And more...

If you would you like to find out more about my maintenance services please contact me or check out available add-ons at your client area (must be logged in).

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